Business Process Management: The Red Badge Advantage

Mapping business processes and workflowsBuilding functional, effective workflows and organizing tasks are areas where firms frequently want to improve but generally have little idea where to start.

That’s where we come in. Red Badge Consulting works in the Business Process Management space as a certified partner of both Appian and KiSSFLOW. So we can provide the tools, scalability and know-how you need to save money, reduce errors and eliminate duplicated effort. With these efficiencies in place, your team can focus on its real work. That makes for a more profitable enterprise and happier employees.

We will partner with you to map out core operations that strengthen and diversify your staff’s ability to adapt in an ever-changing business world. We help you to define roles and responsibilities in ways that boost effectiveness and communication. Regardless of the size of your organization or the complexity of its tasks, we can help make your work work better.

We are with you from end to end and can provide:

  • Analysis of current business processes
  • Mapping of roles and responsibilities
  • Creation of workflow models – broad and specific
  • Testing and simulation
  • Visual, explanatory documentation
  • Hands-on and remote staff training
  • On-site and remote support

Appian CorporationWorkSocial, the BPM Suite from Appian, is the complete, intelligent solution for connecting your people across applications, across departments and across the world. It delivers industry-leading innovations in intelligent business process management, social collaboration, enterprise mobility and portable computing either on-premise or in the cloud. The Appian BPM Suite is the easiest way to manage business processes, work automations and social collaboration across the enterprise for employees, customers and systems. (Source:

Logo_Kissflow_black_and_greenKiSSFLOW is the first workflow product built exclusively for Google Apps. It stands for Keep it Simple & Smart Workflow. KiSSFLOW offers you a simple and efficient way to automate workflows around your existing e-mail user base. For organizations using Google Apps, KiSSFLOW is a must-have to automate and standardize your work and information-sharing processes.

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