Project Management Consulting: The Red Badge Advantage

Collaborative project managementWe can manage your project from beginning to end, enlist for parts in between or parachute in to rejuvenate a struggling project.

Our full-circle experience is at your disposal. Our project managers are certified by the Project Management Institute and have the skills to help you gather information, create action plans and execute them in ways that integrate with your business ambitions. We provide digital scheduling and organizational tools that can help you reach objectives on time. These features can aid resource control, track progress and manage scope. You have a goal. Let us see you through.

We are with you from start to finish, and can:

  • Initiate, gather and organize requirements from stakeholders
  • Develop goal-based schedules and plans
  • Evaluate risk and mitigation
  • Provide workflow analysis
  • Set up plan execution and product delivery
  • Provide physical tools to track progress and resources
  • Provide staff training and support
  • Conceive and develop training materials
  • Map training delivery with site managers
  • Provide support for redesigns, new features, etc.
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